Multy service register error

Hi, after I add several services I get the following error:

public class AppHost : AppHostBase {
        public AppHost() : base("fkm",
            typeof(DocumentService).Assembly) { }    

System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException: ‘Could not register Request ‘fkm.ItemsAdd’ with service ‘fkm.CatalogSrvice’ as it has already been assigned to another service.
Each Request DTO can only be handled by 1 service.’

I do not understand what the problem is because DTO is used only in one service:

what could be the problem?

It says you’re reusing the same Request DTO to implement Services in more than 1 Service class, you can’t do that.

look, I have several separate services, how can I make them all work?
when I do so everything is OK, but validators from other services do not work:

    public AppHost() : base("fkm", typeof(CatalogSrvice).Assembly) { }

    Plugins.Add(new ValidationFeature());

can I do something wrong?

I don’t know what you’re asking, but I’m telling you why you’re getting that error message - it says you’re trying to use the same Request DTO across multiple Service implementations.

Are your Service Assemblies all in different Assemblies? i.e. are UsersManagementServices, CatalogSrvice, DocumentService all in different assemblies?

Oh, right, they’re in the one assembly! :confused: