MVC 6 support yet?

Has anyone ventured into using SS with the new MVC 6? I fired up a new test MVC 6 project and things look fairly different so I’m wondering if SS is supported yet. In particular, I’m wondering if I should/could go ahead and use MVC 6 for a SS+MVC5 project that I’ve been working on that hasn’t launched yet. I’d rather launch with the latest MVC if possible.

AFAIK MVC 6 only runs on ASP.NET 5 which ServiceStack doesn’t support yet.

Is there any plan to support MVC6 ?

The plan is to support ASP.NET 5, after which running side-by-side with existing frameworks should be much easier in ASP.NET 5.

@mythz Any news on the homefront of supporting ASP.NET 5 (it RC’d today)?

I saw the announcement. We’ll start looking at the best way to support it once it’s been officially released. Libraries and docs are still half-baked and I need to wait for ServiceStack’s 3rd party dependencies to have CoreCLR versions.

Gotcha. Thanks for the update.