Myget Client/Text 5.1.1 .NetCore 2.1?

Using 5.1.1 Package Client/Text from MyGet

I start having issues on my build server (MacOS) regarding my Xamarin Apps. Does some .net Core 2.1 start to be implement ?

2018-06-30T16:44:41.3967880Z MTOUCH : error MT2002: Failed to resolve “System.ReadOnlyMemory`1” reference from “System.Memory, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51” [/Users/andreleblanc/vsts-agent/_work/12/s/iOS/Lallemand.iOS.csproj]

You need to install the System.Memory Nuget package although it’s listed as a dependency in ServiceStack.Text so not sure why it’s not being automatically installed.

After adding System.Memory I added Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives 2.1.1 now I have:

MTOUCH : error MT2002: Failed to resolve “Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives.StringSegment” reference from “Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60” [/Users/andreleblanc/vsts-agent/_work/12/s/iOS/Lallemand.iOS.csproj]

Not sure as StringSegment is in Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives package. Maybe try removing the NuGet package completely and adding it again.

I will try to restart on 5.1.0 form Nuget and see…

I saw on the web issue related to SignalR or EFCore2.1 having similar issues…

v5.1.0 will most likely work, but v5.1.1 has the additional references to System.Memory so you should try getting it working with that first as that’s what v5.2 will be using.

Ok 5.1.0 work. I had to deploy asap a test version for our users… for what I understand now. I’m not sure the IOS project is on the correct version to support latest System.Memory version I need to continue research…

Do you have an ETA on 5.2 ?

There’s no ETA’s on future versions.

You are absolutely right :slight_smile: We need time to make thing right!

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I’ve removed all dependencies on Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives and StringSegment in ServiceStack.Text so if you clear your NuGet cache:

nuget locals all -clear

And install the latest v5.1.1 it should no longer have this issue.

I will try Mythz. Did you find other issues beside my report. No need to change your schedule for us.

Thanks a lot

No but it’s an unnecessary dependency, so if it’s causing any issues it’s best to just remove it. It’s mostly an internal impl detail so should have minimal impact.

Was only keeping it around to add a deprecation warning message to notify anyone using it to move to the newer Span/Memory types. If anyone needs to access the earlier StringSegment extensions they can just call its .AsSpan() extension method to access the previous extensions methods which are now on ReadOnlySpan<char>.