MyGet feed missing v5.5.1?

All of a sudden all of our builds are failing with the following errors:

/app/LENSSX.Logic/LENSSX.Logic.csproj : error NU1102: Unable to find package ServiceStack.Server with version (>= 5.5.1) [/app/LENSSX/LENSSX.csproj]
[21:32:09]	/app/LENSSX.Logic/LENSSX.Logic.csproj : error NU1102:   - Found 57 version(s) in [ Nearest version: 5.5.0 ] [/app/LENSSX/LENSSX.csproj]
[21:32:09]	/app/LENSSX.Logic/LENSSX.Logic.csproj : error NU1102:   - Found 0 version(s) in ServiceStack MyGet feed [/app/LENSSX/LENSSX.csproj]

… and it continues on with all the ServiceStack packages that we use that point to 5.5.1. Did something change with MyGet?

Ok looks like the latest publish to MyGet step failed halfway through, so if you clear your cache and restore it should resolve it.