Myget Packages not found

I’ve had this happen a couple times lately:

 Package 'ServiceStack.Client.6.6.1' is not found on source Package 'ServiceStack.Client.6.6.1' is not found on source ''. Package 'ServiceStack.Client.6.6.1' is not found on source ''.

This is from our build service (azure pipeline).

The MyGet feed was broken most of last night, I was able to publish this morning but looks like it’s still flaky now as it’s not clearing the feed again to be able to republish.

I’ll update this thread once I’m able to deploy the latest packages again.

The packages only just finished clearing now, I’ve just deployed the latest version again.

We may need to look at switching to GitHub NuGet packages if they have another long outage like this.

Is this still down? Getting the error still.

It’s been unacceptably unreliable since Sunday, where after having taken hours to clear the packages and requiring multiple deploys to get all packages deployed, it’s started to randomly remove deployed packages from our feed. I’ve tried redeploying it again a couple of more times just now and whilst it said it was successful, it didn’t add any of the missing packages back to the feed.

I’ve received contact from MyGet yesterday and they’ve said they’re getting their DevOps team to look at it but as it’s been broken for days we’ve gone ahead and started looking for alternative solutions where we’ve now also published a copy of the pre-release packages to our repo’s GitHub Packages, unfortunately despite being deployed as public packages GitHub still requires consumers to use a Personal Access Token (PAT) with ‘read:packages’ scope to access them.

We’ve documented how to access the GitHub packages in the new GitHub NuGet docs at:

Thank you for the update. I am removing myget for the time being and will look at what you sent this week. Definitely appreciate your quick feedback on it.

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Fwiw MyGet just got back to me and said that they’ve found and resolved the issue which was due to much higher traffic and cache and that they’ve added changes in place to avoid it happening in future.

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Thank you. I changed over to GitHub because I suspect MyGet…Well, might have the issue again in the future. Have a nice weekend.

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