.net core 2.0 Git templates

Just want to check , is “git clone GitHub - NetCoreApps/templates: .NET Core Solution Templates” still the best way to get SS templates for .net core 2.0

I see in recently updated VS17 version 15.4 that .net core 2 is now supported and that there are a couple of recommended changes in format.

I’d start with one of the .NET Core Live Demo Apps from: https://github.com/NetCoreApps/

The projects updated after Aug 24 are .NET Core 2.0 projects, i.e:

Additionally if you’re keen to try out our new Web Apps, all Live Demos in NetCoreWebApps are also .NET Core 2.0 Web Apps.

After this v5 release where we upgrade all packages to .NET Standard 2.0 and merge *.Core packages into our main NuGet packages we’ll develop official Starter Templates for .NET Core 2.0

Thanks @mythz for the clarity regarding planned templates.

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