.net core 2.1 project TS debugging in VS2017

I was having problems getting breakpoints to hit in VS2017 with the Angular .net core 2.1 SS template. I looked into it and found this thread: https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/268468/typescript-breakpoints-not-hit-in-visual-studio-15.html

The pertinent info is:

Typescript breakpoints in Visual Studio will not work for ASP.NET core projects currently in either of the 2 situations:

  1. If you have either renamed/deleted the “ClientApp” directory within your Visual Studio project to be something else, OR
  2. You have Typescript/JavaScript files in a different directory (other than ClientApp).

Unfortunately we currently do not have a way to resolve breakpoints in Typescript files outside of the ClientApp folder. We are working with the relevant teams within Visual Studio for a fix for the same but if you are impacted by this change, I would recommend switching to working within the “ClientApp” folder.

My workaround is using VSCode to separately debug the front-end but it would be nice to be able to do it in VS2017.

Have you come across this problem yet? Would it be better to rename src to ClientApp in the default asp.net core 2.1 templates?

ClientApp is ugly and inconsistent, you can rename it in your own projects if you want but I have to use a different IDE for front end development because VS has the worst support for client languages/dsls of all 3 IDEs. Also using Chrome Web Inspector is nicer for debugging languages that run in the browser.

OK, thanks for the advice. I will stick with VSCode.