.NET Core 2 Pre-Release Templates

Do we need to install from some special repo? It say Could not find template: react-app

C:\Projects\ServiceStack> dotnet-new --version
Version: 0.0.9
C:\Projects\ServiceStack> dotnet-new react-app Test
Could not find template: react-app

Run dotnet-new without arguments to see the list of templates available, e.g:

$ dotnet-new

Which should display:

Effectively it’s just displaying repos in:

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Ahhh the template name changed, thanks

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Out of the box, using the react-spa template, I get a build failure for FallbackRouteAttribute, Matches property does not exist in ServiceStack.Interfaces v5.0.0.0.

Wasn’t sure if you were aware, or maybe I did something wrong?

Removing the Matches=“AcceptsHtml” fixes it

You need to update your v5 packages by clearing out your local cache:

$ nuget locals all -clear

And then restore the packages to fetch the latest version, i.e:

$ dotnet restore

Ahhh this is what I get for living life on the bleeding edge, thanks again!

I’m starting to think you never sleep.

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