.Net Core Console app register ServiceStack

i am new to ServiceStack so be gentle, i have a .net core 2 console app and want to register ServiceStack. i looked online at my account, but cannt find how to do. thanks

If you’re referring how to register the ServiceStack License Key, see the registration options listed in:

If you’re referring how to enable ServiceStack in a .NET Core App, have a look at:

sorry i still am not able to get this to work; just to set the stage - i am using the ServiceStack self host empty template solution [i plan to do some web crawling).

i looked at the 2 links above and in doing a simple debug, i am not getting to the license c# statements; hence i think that i am not applying my new license. yes, i have a seperate class called startup.cs. with the template i have a app config and AppHost.cs

thanks for any help

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
new AppHost().Init();

Application_Start is only for ASP.NET not ASP.NET Core, you can add this in your Startup class:


Although I’d recommend registering the license key text itself so it doesn’t depend on an external license.txt, e.g: