New Locode v2 rewritten to Vue 3

I wanted to give everyone early notice that Locode - (the Auto UI for managing your AutoQuery APIs) has been rewritten from the minimal & restrictive petite-vue to using the full Vue 3 in the latest v6.6+ on MyGet and GitHub Packages.

The new Locode Vue 3 should have complete feature parity with the old Petite Locode, but to minimize potential disruption we’ll be temporarily including both UIs at the built-in routes below:

  • /locode/ - New Vue3 Locode
  • /locode-v1/ - Old PetiteVue Locode

Which is included in the Blazor Gallery App if you want to compare the old & new versions of Locode side-by-side:

To learn more about the new Locode UI please visit its GitHub Discussions Thread which is better for discussions including or linking to source code.