New .NET 6 of ServiceStack Studio available

Since ServiceStack Studio is a App using its own AppHost built against .NET 5, the existing deployed app can’t be run with the new v6.x+ x and app tools which were built using .NET 6.

As replacing studio will break people still using existing .NET 5.0 x and app tools, we’re going to hold off forcing users to install .NET 6 & update their dotnet tools until the new year.

In the meantime we’ve published a new version of Studio to studio6 [GitHub Gist] which can be run using the latest app and x dotnet tools using any of:


From browser using app Chromium Desktop App:


From Terminal:

$ app open studio6

Windows, macOS, Linux

Using x dotnet tool:

$ x open studio6

Thanks to the #Script’s late bound nature, other Sharp Apps not including .dll’s are not affected by binary incompatibilities like this.