New Start Page & Project Templates Creator

Happy to introduce our new Getting Started Page which lets you quickly and easily create new ServiceStack .NET 5 Projects with your preferred starting configurations:

It lets you download a pre-packaged .zip of your project so doesn’t require any locally installed tools. However as it’s just a zip you’d need to manually run npm install for installing deps of npm projects:

$ npm install

Alternatively you could choose the popular features you want and copy the command at the bottom to get the x (or app) tool to install the project which would also install npm dependencies:

Any thoughts on open sourcing the site @mythz? Would be great as we could add our customizations for internal projects.

For’s new Website Design we’ve refactored the old .NET5 Web App ( into 2 parts:

We primarily chose this approach as it allows us to add static content more easily but it has a number of other benefits as well.

Initially we hosted the static generated site on GitHub pages but in order to preserve existing external links from the old site (e.g. renewal links embedded in emails) we ended up moving to S3 which allows us to use Cloud Front Behaviors to add exceptions to static S3 site routes to proxy them to the dynamic site, e.g: the /pricing and /trial pages appear to be hosted on the static site like other content but are instead proxied to the .NET 5 dynamic site:

The static content is OSS and publicly available from
e.g. the front-end UI for this feature is on the start.html page.

The backend that generates the .zip archives in on our Customer Account site which is effectively our only project we don’t want publicly shared since it’s used to host real customer data.

But I’m happy to OSS any parts which are unrelated to Customer Info like the backend Archive Services used here which I’ve extracted into the gist below:

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