New Video! How to create a .NET GPT Meeting Assistant

We’ve just published our latest video on how to use GPT Agents to create a .NET GPT Meeting Assistant which we’re pretty excited about:

The video explores the use of Large Language Models with ChatGPT from OpenAI to make decisions of when and how to use your own internal ServiceStack APIs. We’ve created a proof of concept application called GPTMeetingAgent that uses a generic plugin to enable a GPT Agent to use the Apps APIs to book meetings with system users.

This is done by using multiple technologies and techniques further explained in this video, including:

  • Chain of Thought
  • In Context Learning
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Open Source Models

Follow along the video with the working companion GPT Meeting Agent .NET App and watch ChatGPT calling its .NET APIs:

Looking for Feedback

We’re going to create more examples utilizing ChatGPT agents decision making capabilities to execute optimal system APIs to accomplish given tasks with the goal of creating productive Server and Client components to significantly reduce the efforts to incorporate GPT into their systems.

With that said we’d love to hear other developers who are currently developing or looking to utilize GPT in their organizations to help drive the GPT Features we focus on and examples we create.