New Videos for ServiceStack v8.1

We’ve just published new videos for new features added in the latest ServiceStack v8.1 Release we hope you find useful:

Upgrade ServiceStack APIs to use ASP .NET Core Endpoint Routing

To assist users in upgrading their existing projects we’ve created a migration guide walking through the steps required to switch to use Endpoint Routing and ASP .NET Core IOC in the latest ServiceStack v8.1 release:

Configuring your .NET 8 App with Open API v3 and Swagger UI

We look at how to easily enable Swashbuckle OpenAPI v3 support on existing Endpoint Routing Apps with:

$ x mix openapi3

And how to customize the generation of your OpenAPI v3 specifications using the ServiceStack.AspNetCore.OpenApi package and Swashbuckle to add descriptions, summaries, property info, as well as even swapping out schemas between endpoints for cleaner client generation.

Swashbuckle is the popular middleware used for enabling Open API in ASP.NET Core Endpoints, and now that your ServiceStack APIs can exist along side Minimal APIs, Web API, and MVC Controllers, you can use Swashbuckle for all your ASP.NET Core APIs in the same way.