Next Release ETA

Hi @mythz, do you have a rough estimate of when you’ll publish the next release to NuGet?

Hopefully within 2 weeks.

Thanks, that helps :thumbsup:

Hey @mythz are you close to releasing?

Kind of, I’m working on the Release Notes now and all development has been completed for this release so v5.0.3 on MyGet effectively holds what will be published on NuGet.

But the release notes are taking a while to write but I should hopefully be deploying early next week.


Do you have an approximate estimate when version 5.1.1 will be released?

v5.1.1 is the pre-release package which is already released on MyGet.

v5.2 is the next release on NuGet which will be published shortly after the next update of VS .NET has been released.

next update of VS .NET 15.8 is released today

Yep already installed it, have a lot of testing to do.