Norbert Haberl - 13 - Feb 2, 2015

I would like to use OrmLite on Xamarin.Forms - any recommendations how to use?
I don’t know which package I should use for this mobile applications?
Is there any tutorial on this?

There’s no PCL or official builds for OrmLite for iOS/Android. Someone’s added an Android build of OrmLite, but you’ll need to build the ServiceStack.OrmLite.Android.sln from src at:

Norbert Haberl:

Ok, thx
Have seen that there is an Android and an iOS project with tests … any known issues?

They haven’t been tested on devices for a long time. I’d expect Android to be more reliable given it doesn’t have iOS NoJIT restrictions.

Norbert Haberl:

Ok, I will give it a try although