Norbert Haberl - 178 - Feb 13, 2015

I would like to use Servicestack for my complete website without any native MVC dependencies because I wanna run on Mono completely. Can I do that and can I use Miniprofiler anyway?
I’m littlebit confused from treading the docs about Razor Plugin. Does it rely in any kind to ASP.NET libs or are there any restrictions in comparison to native Razor Engine?

ServiceStack Razor doesn’t have any deps on MVC, just the core System.Web.Razor.dll (i.e. Razor) of which a custom unsigned build is embedded inside the ServiceStack.Razor NuGet package so it doesn’t reference any external MS NuGet packages.

The RazorRockstars website shows all the different places it can run: (inc ILMerged into a single-cross platform exe The docs on EmailContacts shows how to configure it from scratch: There’s only 1 extra step for Mono to install Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages we don’t use the impl, but it’s needed to Razor configuration in Web.config, mentioned at:

So ServiceStack+Razor runs on Mono, but HTTP/ASP.NET stability/performance on Mono isn’t great so I wouldn’t consider it for heavy workloads. With Xamarin’s focus now on Mobile I don’t see it improving until MS officially distributes and supports CoreCLR on Linux/OSX - at which point we’ll need to look at porting ServiceStack to run on it. But you can still run on Mono until then.

Norbert Haberl:

Thanks, great answer!
Are there any plans for supporting ASP.NET vNext ?

Yep will be looking into supporting it after CoreCLR, vNext and VS 2015 are officially released.

Norbert Haberl:

What are recommended specs if you wanna run SS on a Windows / Linux Web Host ?
I’m looking for a provider but don’t know where to start.
Are there any docs about that?

SS is just a standard ASP.NET App so same recommendations apply. I’d also recommend hosting on Windows. An AWS Micro instance wasn’t enough to run Win + ASP.NET, but m1.small instance works pretty good as all are running on a single m1.small instance at pretty good performance (latency’s great from East coast at least).

Norbert Haberl:

Thanks man!!!