Oauth2 in .Net Core

Hi all!
I need to implement OAuth2 on .Net Core, how realistic is it to make using this component https://github.com/IdentityServer/IdentityServer4 whether there are alternative options to implement OAuth2?

Thank you!

We’ve never looked into IdentityServer so we have no idea how much effort would be required. Recently @tobi was looking into integrating Identity Server’s JWT support with ServiceStack’s JWT Auth Provider, so maybe he as a better idea on how feasible it is.

The other approach is to completely ignore/bypass ServiceStack’s built-in Authentication and just use what IdentityServer gives you as it goes through the same Middleware / Request Pipeline in .NET Core so may be a potential solution.

Thank You Demis. I have a project, it works under Windows, as I understand easy way to navigate Net Core + Linux is not because the service uses oauth2, which…

i will provide a PR as soon as I have a little more time!

Anyway it’s already prettiy easy to do
Copy JwtAuthProviderReader from SS Repo and apply the changes from https://gist.github.com/tobiaszuercher/bd38241975dcbe0adda2ccc2ba547d04 (or just use the gist). Usage is described in IdentityServer Integration possible with JwtAuthProviderReader but needs small adjustment

Thanks @tobi I will try to make!