OpenAPI v.4.5.10 package symbols causes error in hosted build env

My team uses visualstudio online to host and build our repositories. Since updating to v.4.5.10 I’m getting this error from the hosted build agents when publishing symbols (

Indexed source information could not be retrieved from ‘d:\a\1\s\BoardingAPI\BoardingAPI\obj\UAT\Package\PackageTmp\bin\ServiceStack.Api.OpenApi.pdb’. Symbol indexes could not be retrieved.

Everything works fine locally and I haven’t changed anything in my build definition. I only upgraded the nuget package. I checked the nuget package local on my system and it has the symbols. Not sure if that’s causing the issue or not? I noticed that some of the other nuget packages do not contain symbols.

I’ve tried changing my build definition and the only solution I have is to disable this step. Any advice here is appreciated.

Can you try ServiceStack.Api.OpenApi v4.5.11 from MyGet? In v 4.5.11 symbols packages were added for Swagger and OpenApi plugins and *.pdb files were removed from original packages.

It took me a bit to figure out how to specify the package source for the build server (adding a nuget.config file to the repo) but yes this is fixed in v.4.5.11

Thank you!