Order Of Operations changed. RawHttpHandlers not first v4.5.14

The RawHttpHandlers is at #1 in the order of operations doc, however that doesn’t seem the case anymore with v4.5.14 (from v4.5.7)

When looking into Default Redirect issue ( HostConfig.DefaultRedirectPath not working v4.5.14 - #6 by cthames ) it turns out that the Order Of Operations changed.

In that post…

It looks like from debugging that the RawHttpHandler is not executing before the services registered in the LoadPlugin(). It looks like it is going directly into the services registered in MyWebAppFeature() (IPlugin) which loads a FallbackService which then HttpError.NotFound.

// AppHost.Configure(Container container) (full code in above reply)
RawHttpHandlers.Add(httpReq =>
                if (httpReq.PathInfo == "/")

                return null;

                new RazorFormat
                    LoadFromAssemblies = { typeof(AppHost).Assembly },
                    VirtualFileSources = new FileSystemVirtualFiles(Config.WebHostPhysicalPath)
                new MyWebAppFeature());

In v4.5.7 the RawHttpHandlers executes before the services registered in LoadPlugin() (Which loads the FallbackService)

In v4.5.14 the LoadPlugin() which loads FallbackService executes before RawHttpHandlers which is why the redirect from root isn’t happening anymore.

Is this a bug or what was intended? If it was intended I wish it would have waited until v5 and not a minor release.

Note: I’m trying to put together a sample project for you, but for whatever reason I keep getting:
Error 1 The namespace 'Razor' already contains a definition for '__CompiledTemplate' c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\52d79577\91e8eb6\App_Web_brgjibth.1.cs 15
Granted I haven’t created a new ServiceStack website in a long time.

RawHttpHandlers are definitely still executed first for requests at runtime.

The App Configuration code in Configure() is executed once on Startup and is executed before any runtime requests.

Then why is a service class executing before the RawHttpHandlers? While debugging the RawHttpHandler never executes in 4.5.14, but does execute in 4.5.7.

// service class
public class FallbackService : Service
        public object Any(Fallback request)
            throw HttpError.NotFound("Path not found. {0}".Fmt(request.Path));

        public class Fallback
            public string Path { get; set; }

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