OrmLite 4.0.52 Parameterized SQL Expressions support for Devart.Data.Oracle?

I Update the ormlite to new version 4.0.52, I know this update include Parameterized SQL Expressions, but the logger has the below content. how to solve it ?

【DEBUG】 【OrmLiteResultsFilterExtensions】 Exception trying to reuse db params, executing with cloned params instead The Parameters collection only accepts Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleParameter type objects.

the query still works right? i.e. that’s just a debug warning?

It happens when in some RDBMS’s you reuse a SqlExpression for multiple queries. But it should only be a debug log entry saying it has to clone the db params to re-execute the query.

the query works right. I found the source packages files include dotConnect.Express.for.Oracle.8.3.115, why not support it in ServiceStack.OrmLite.Oracle?