OrmLite AlterTable and Schema modifications

I’ve read what I could find in the forum on this and the entries date back to 2016 and I was wondering if there have been new ways implemented to upgrade/modify an existing database using poco directly.

For example something like:


Where ServiceStack would add/remove indexes, new properties if needed and make properties required or not etc.


No, the only new APIs added that may be helpful in a migration solution are the GetTableColumns APIs which return schema information about a table or query which you could use to query the RDBMS state & compare it to its POCO definition.

The Modify Schema APIs show which APIs are available whilst this existing thread contains db migration solutions others are using.


I created 2 MySql dbs one for the datamodel staging and on for production and for now I’ll use dbforge schema comparer to synchronize. I used it in the past and it worked well.