OrmLite AutoQuery with implicit declaration does not work with false values

We do face a problem using the implicit AutoQuery poco declaration with boolean values. SQlite is used as DBMS. We know, that this DBMS does not support a native boolean type (INTEGER is used instead).

If we us following Autoquery poco the query does only retrieve valid results in the ‘true’ or ‘1’ assignement case.
Filtering for 'false" or ‘0’ values, it does fail. Debug log shows, that no query is processed in the service stack service.

public partial class QueryXrays
: QueryDb, IMeta
public int PatientAskedForPregnancy { get; set; }
//or public bool PatientAskedForPregnancy { get; set; }

The corresponding DTO has a member:

public virtual bool PatientAskedForLastXray { get; set; }

Using the provided AutoQuery viewer we can successfully use the ‘0’ assignement query in order to fetch all false db entries.
Using the above AutoQuery poco, the same server does not return the false db entries.

Any hint?

Change the Property Type to bool? so false isn’t the default value for the property.

Thank You. This does work.