OrmLite build queries that crashes when 2 tables have columns with same name

Take the following query:

var q = DB.From<LRARisultato>()
    .Join<LRARisultato, LRDRisultato>((aRisultato, dRisultato) => aRisultato.RisultatoId == dRisultato.Id)
    .Where(x => x.AnalisiId == aIdAnalisi)
    .OrderBy<LRARisultato>(x => x.Stato)
    .ThenBy<LRDRisultato>(x => x.Ordine)
    .ThenByDescending<LRARisultato>(x => x.DataOraEsecuzione);

The 2 tables LRARisultato and LRDRisultato have some columns in common.
This query, if executed as-is, it should output a List of LRARisultato.
It crashes instead with:

ambiguous column name: TIPOVALORE

The column TIPOVALORE is in fact present on both tables, but I’m only asking for the fields of the first table, not the ones of the second one.

I have made a similar topic in the past, so i reinstate the question: Why does OrmLite not include table alias on every field in the SELECT list?
How can i trust an ORM in production that can’t build a query so simple?

I’ll need a stand-alone repro I can run locally to repro this issue.

Here’s the repro: https://github.com/samusaran/OrmLiteIssuesWithAliases

Let me know.

Resolved in this commit, this change is available from v5.4.1 that’s now available on MyGet.