OrmLite.Sqlite.Windows 4.5.10 NuGet versioning?

The newly-seeded ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite.Windows 4.5.10 package includes lib/net45/ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite.Windows.dll with a file/rpoduct version of and an assembly version of

Looks like a publishing error to me.

hmm that’s unfortunate, you should be able to use the new https://www.nuget.org/packages/ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite package which we’re going to make the future NuGet package for Sqlite.

Well, that package has a correct AssemblyVersion of but it still has a default FileVersion of

Our WiX installers need to have the FileVersion be distinct per release, otherwise WiX (well Windows Installer I guess) thinks the file hasn’t changed and it won’t overwrite a previous DLL with an updated DLL.

The new v4.5.11 release on MyGet should have the right AssemblyFileVersion.