OrmLite stripping ParamString when using Devart?

I’ve been trying to get OrmLite and Devart to work together. I’ve noticed an issue in that the default OrmLiteDialectProviderBase<OracleOrmLiteDialectProvider>.ParamString is being stripped out of the resulting SQL query.

By default ParamString is “:” but this results in Sql statements containing bind variables that don’t have the “:” prefix. To get the prefix I need to set ParamString to “::”.


var ormLiteDialectProvider = new OracleOrmLiteDialectProvider(false, false, "Devart.Data.Oracle");
ormLiteDialectProvider.ParamString = "::";

OrmLiteConfig.DialectProvider = ormLiteDialectProvider;

using (var connection = Devart.Data.Oracle.OracleConnection(connectionString))
    var results = connection.Select<MyTable>(w => w.MyField == "FooBar");

If I use a CaptureSqlFilter on the above I get the expected SQL

SELECT MyField FROM MyTable WHERE (MyField = :0)

However if I had left ParamString as “:” I would have got

SELECT MyField FROM MyTable WHERE (MyField = 0)

Which results in a ORA-01036: illegal variable name/number error from Oracle.

To try and determine if it’s OrmLite or Devart driver that’s clearing down the “:” I’ve tried executing a query using a param directly using Devarts OracleConnection, OracleCommand, OracleParameter etc and don’t see the “:” prefix being removed.

Can you shed any light on what may be removing this?

OrmLite isn’t removing the prefix, it just uses the ParamString, you’ve never needed to double quote it with ::.

You can try turning debug logging on with:

LogManager.LogFactory = new ConsoleLogFactory(debugEnabled:true);

Which should log the generated SQL + Params to the Console.

Must be Devart that is causing the issue as something is removing it, will try to further debug in identify what it is.

On the off-chance that someone stumbles upon this I’ve tracked the issue down to the Setter for Devart DbParameterBase.ParameterName stripping off the colon.

The solution to this seems to be setting ParamString = “::” as detailed above or setting the ParamNameFilter

OrmLiteConfig.ParamNameFilter = s => string.Concat(":", s);

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