Packages not restoring - 5.1 vuetify-nuxt

After installing a fresh copy of the vuetify-next project template the npm install command fails to load the dependencies, and trying to retore with Visual Studio also fails - throws 404s for many packages.

I’m running it from powershell as admin, not sure what I might be doing wrong.

Anyone else have issues using the new templates?

The templates were recently updated to auto run npm install and nuget restore I’ve just tried creating a new vuetify-nuxt project which works without issue for me:

$ dotnet-new vuetify-nuxt TestProject

After it’s finished creating the project you create a build with:

$ npm run build

Which creates a client build of your app that you can view from http://localhost:5000

What errors are you seeing?

After doing the new project (which does not report errors), the readme says run npm install:
npm install
npm WARN saveError ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\code\<projectname>\package.json'

Then when opening the solution in VS it spins through packages with 404 errors.

You can only run npm install in the same directory as package.json, i.e. in your ProjectName/ProjectName folder (i.e. the host project where you’d also dotnet run). Can you try again after upgrading to the latest version of servicestack-cli:

$ npm i -g @servicestack/cli@latest

This should automatically run npm install in the right directory.

here is a screenshot of what I get … not much going on. The VS 2017 solution does compile (once I removed ServiceStack myget as a source)

JavaScript syntax errors typically means you’re using an old version on node.js. Upgrade to a recent version:

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Also I should mention VS 2017 in general has poor support for SPA frameworks like Vue. I’d recommend using VS Code for the frontend Nuxt/JS App and a C# IDE for the .NET Server App, my preference is to use Rider and run “dotnet watch run” in the built in terminal window but you could use VS as well, but would require manual rebuilds.

nodejs update did it. 🤦