Paolo ponzano - 315 - Feb 17, 2014

excuse me , I’ve a request DTO that return nothing (it implements IReturnVoid) how do I threat it with client PostAsync? have I to use client.SendOneWay ? but in that way I don’t have visibility that the call ended…Thanks

Just trying it out, doesn’t look like its supported for async yet, use the sync version until I add support for it. 

ok I’ve just added support for async IReturnVoid requests in this commit:

It’s being pushed to MyGet now (available in 30mins), available with:

paolo ponzano:

Hello Demis, I’ve tried that feature you’ve implemented… I’ve to be honest…it doesn’t work as expected… I’m under 4.0 so I’ve to use the Success/Error extension methods… they don’t appear when I return a Task… also I’ve tried using the Task’s ContinueWith but I got the same problem I’m experiencing under the Task.WaitAll… at the second call it remains locked at if the current thread hasn’t finished

Do you have any code that shows these issues I can look at?

Can I get you to create a new issue for this at:

Please also include sample code that reproduces the issue.