Paolo ponzano - 33 - Nov 18, 2014

Hello Demis, I’m upgrading a project from .24 to .33 (a WPF Application) and I’ve noticed that all the ConvertToList needs a DialectProvider specified (which I retrieve with Db.GetDialectProvider()) … it was not so got to me but I’ve replaced all the code (btw why haven’t you kept a parameterless method that auto-resolve the current dialect?) I’ve also noticed that the ConvertTo<SomePoco>() needs the DialectProvider to be specified otherwise the result is an empty object…was this by design or it’s a bug? I think this should be told in the Release notes 


These are internal API’s that were modified to support OrmLite Async.
But it was mentioned in the release notes:

paolo ponzano:

Ok but it shouldn’t break existing method firm for not async in my opinion
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It was a necessary refactor of internal methods to support async, there are no more threadstatics - the dialect provider is now attached to the connection/command.