Paolo ponzano - 43 - Oct 23, 2014

Excuse me anyone shares a DLL between WPF and Web using it for DTO Repository? Do I have to use a PCL class library?

WPF and ASP.NET both use the full .NET framework so you can use the normal .NET .dlls.

paolo ponzano:

I’ve tried but when I add the class to the wpf I got a yellow warning on referenxe

Hardy Erlinger:

The yellow warning usually indicates that the source project targets a different version of the .NET framework than the target project, i.e. your DTO project could be set to target framework 4.5.2 while the WPF project could be targeting 4.5.1. Check the target framework settings in each of the projects and make sure they align.

paolo ponzano:

That was! It was pointing to 4.5 on the Dto and 4.0 on fw…Thanks!