Plug-in / Feature Index

Good Evening Demis,

I was curious if you’d be interested in creating any sort of plug-in index. I know that we personally have tons of plugins that would be useful to people outside of our organization but no real way to centrally make them available.

If you are interested, Intelligent Media would certainly maintain the index as a service to the community at no charge. I really think this would be a nice addition but as usual, before we do things like that, I like to run it by you beforehand.


Yeah absolutely, where would you like it to live, e.g;

Repo on and documentation on ?

Since in the end you’ll really end up owning it, feel free to let me know where you would prefer this all to be. I have no attachment, I just see a gap and would like to donate the resources.

If you have a preference on project type, let me know as well. Maybe a recommendation on the subdomain could be @Charles, any input on any of this?

Something’s that easy to maintain that anyone can easily send PR’s to contribute to should work, E.g. a repo at:

With GitHub Pages enabled served from should work.

Deal, if you could setup that repo and give myself (github: @ryanhelms) and @Charles access, we will get this completed in our spare time over the next week or two.

In the case of technology stack, we’ll keep this easy and just go with a .NET 3.1 Razor application, Redis and SQL, using all of the ServiceStack tools, of course. :wink: Also, we have both already signed the SS Development requirements, so we are god there.

@Charles, can you reply with your github user when you get in, thanks.

Thanks for the opportunity, this should be a great way for us all to share the plugins that we create more easily.

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The plugins should hopefully be the broadest available, e.g. net45/netstandard2.0 when possible otherwise netstandard2.0 or netstandard2.1 for .NET Core only.

But the actual GitHub Pages web site needs to static web app like which is a static site maintained at

Agreed with the plug-in requirements. Also, sounds good, we will use a static site for the index application. I susppect we will want to tie into your existing user data store for logins. I’ll look to you for some recommendatons on how to accomplish that with the least friction.

Sounds good. I think I already signed the release for past pull requests, so I think I’m good to go.