Plugins folder and autoload IPlugins

I created a “plugins” folder in app path.
I put inside one assembly with a IPlugin class but I don’t know how
to automatic load the assembly and register the IPlugin.

How I can achieve it?

Thanks a lot Gianmaria

The loading of plugins is only supported in #Script Sharp Apps where you would specify which plugins you want registered in its app.settings.

What project template did you create your App from?

I used vue-ssg template.
There is a extension method that load Plugin from assembly like RegisterServiceFromAssembly?


There isn’t, reference the assembly and register the plugin with Plugins.Add() like normal.

With Modular Startup you can auto register .NET HostingStartup classes in your host project, but not from an external .dll AFAICT.

You could use reflection on Startup to scan the assembly and load them, but without being able to configure Plugins and choose which plugins to load & in what order, it’s not useful.