Possible to add menu items to the AdminUi Feature

As the title suggests - is it possible to add menu items and add new areas/features to the admin-ui? I am looking to add some tenant management, so creating tenants and assigning users to tenants, but for now, I want it together with the User management in “admin-ui”.

Is it possible?

So they’re discoverable, can be openly discussed and interest against them measured, Can you submit any feature requests to:

Thanks - So I can’t write my own? I’m happy to discuss centrally, but my question is around whether it’s extendable with the ability to write my own UIFeature?

You can modify existing pages by replacing the component with a locally modified component, see:


E.g. you can copy any of the built-in Admin UI Components from: /modules/admin-ui/components/

In your /wwwroot at the same location:


And it will load your local modified copy instead.

Adding new pages is more involved as you would also need a local modified copy of /modules/admin-ui/index.html

to add your component to the body:

  <div class="py-4">
      <dashboard v-if="routes.admin === ''"></dashboard>
       <example v-else-if="routes.admin === 'example'"></example>

And you’ll also need to add a link to store.adminLinks either in JavaScript or you could add it in C#, e.g:

public void BeforePluginsLoaded(IAppHost appHost)
    appHost.ConfigurePlugin<UiFeature>(feature =>
        feature.AddAdminLink(AdminUiFeature.Users, new LinkInfo
            Id = "example",
            Label = "Example",
            Icon = Svg.ImageSvg("<svg...>"),
            Show = $"role:{AdminRole}",

Although this just shows how you can add it if your really want to, but as soon as you maintain a local modified copy it will override any changes we might make to these pages in the Admin UI.

As always Demis - thanks for the detailed response.