Possible to get stickers, t-shirts etc

I’d love to get SS sticker or two and a t-shirt if there’s a way!

If you’re in the US you can email team@servicestack.net with your Address details, although wont be back in the US to be able to ship swag until after mid June.

Just sent an email! Thanks :slight_smile:

Cool, just left a note on my calendar for after I get back, feel free to ping me again if you don’t hear anything from me in June.

Hi there! Did you get a chance to mail any of these :smile:


Hey I land back in the US on 20th of June, will get to it after I’m settled back in.

Have you managed to get ServiceStickers on some public shop like Redbubble?

We’ve got some stickers from Sticker Mule, if you’re in the US we can ship some if you’d like.

No, I am not in the US, by far :slight_smile: