Pre-release v55 unusable

Hi Mythz,

Something in the last 5 hours or so, has killed all our tests with v55.

We get this exception and stack trace in all our integration testing across all our products, that use ServiceStack:

System.TypeLoadException: Method 'Execute' in type 'ServiceStack.Host.ServiceController' from assembly 'ServiceStack, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e06fbc6124f57c43' does not have an implementation..

at ServiceStack.ServiceStackHost..ctor(String serviceName, Assembly[] assembliesWithServices)

   at ServiceStack.Host.HttpListener.HttpListenerBase..ctor(String serviceName, Assembly[] assembliesWithServices)

   at ServiceStack.AppSelfHostBase..ctor(String serviceName, Assembly[] assembliesWithServices)

   at Roamm.Services.External.Stubs.StubAppHost..ctor() in C:\projects\roamm-c36ta\src\Services.External.Stubs\StubAppHost.cs:line 11
... etc

I looked at the recent commits in:, but did not see much that looked like it was the cause. So I am a bit lost as to what change to suggest caused this.

Hopefully, you will know what’s happening?

@jezzsantos Sounds like dirty DLLs, have you tried locally after clearing your NuGet cache?

Yes, absolutely, of course!
We get the same problem on CI server, which confirms that it can’t be dirty stuff lying around.

(In fact we first discovered this problem because we cleared local nugget caches !)

Yeah, it looks like it must have been a bad/failed push to MyGet or something, can reproduce the issue with clear cache + new project + update.

I’ve just redeployed to MyGet again, looks like all the packages were deployed successfully.

Still no good. Same issue

ok just rebuilt all the packages and redeployed to MyGet.
I’ve just tested this with a local app using the latest MyGet packages, should now all be working.

All good now.

Thank you

Can I (discretely) ask you guys when v55 is expected to be released? Not sure when to expect the next release (i.e. v56).

(It would kind of be nice if the rollercoaster ended soon :slight_smile: but we need the fixes in this pre-release)

Hoping for early next week, essentially all the features I want to get in v4.0.56 are implemented, just a matter of writing a few more tests and getting started on the release notes.

Having said that v4.0.55 should be stable from now on, not expecting any more changes to ServiceStack.Interfaces.

Great thanks Mythz. Very good news, and a good release.