PreRequestFilter and limiting custom code

I am having to add this PreRequestFilter to my AppHost because I have an HmacAuthProvider : IAuthWithRequest that needs to call IRequest.GetRawBody()

PreRequestFilters.Insert(0, (req, res) =>
                req.UseBufferedStream = true;

I am not sure what the side-effects of IRequest.UseBufferedStream = true are on the other operations and services in my service, since the default is: IRequest.UseBufferedStream = false

So I would like to limit any effects on other service operations.

So my question is: is it possible to somehow limit which kinds of requests I set IRequest.UseBufferedStream = true on?
I know I cannot look at the IRequest.Dto, because it is not yet deserialised when a PreRequestFilter is run.

But I can say that the only DTO’s and service operations for which this is only relevant to are known and contained in a single service.

What would be the next best way to tell whether the request is bound for a specific service, operation or DTO?

There shouldn’t be any effect other than the performance of keeping a copy of the Request Body in a MemoryStream so it can be reread.

You can inspect the Request DTO Type with


Turns out that req.GetRoute() returns null in a PreRequestFilter!

Actually , is there anyway to tell what service the current request is bound for, rather than the type of the request?
Or even better, tell whether the DTO has a specific AuthenticateAttribute on it?

The only requests that needs this filter are in a single service, and they all look like this:

        public void Post(MyDto1 body)
        public void Get(MyDto2 body)

You need the Request Type of the Request to find out what the Service Type is, e.g:

var serviceType = HostContext.Metadata.GetServiceTypeByRequest(requestType);

You can try looking up the Route manually with:

var restPath = HostContext.ServiceController.GetRestPathForRequest(httpReq.Verb, httpReq.PathInfo);
var requestType = restPath.RequestType;

BTW you can just annotate your Service once, instead of each Service individually, e.g:

public class MyAuthServices : Service
    public void Post(MyDto1 body) => ...;
    public void Get(MyDto2 body) => ...;

FYI req.GetRoute() should now be available in Pre Request Filters in v4.5.9 that’s now on MyGet.