Problem with authentication

I have a simple application that uses a couple of auth providers configured as follows:

public override void Configure(Container container)
container.Register<IDbConnectionFactory>(_ => new OrmLiteConnectionFactory(
	ConfigUtils.GetConnectionString("default"), MySqlDialect.Provider)

container.Register<ICacheClient>(_ => new MemoryCacheClient());

Plugins.Add(new AuthFeature(
	() => new AuthUserSession(),
	new IAuthProvider[]
		new ApiKeyAuthProvider(appSettings) { InitSchema = true },
		new CredentialsAuthProvider(appSettings),
		new JwtAuthProvider(appSettings),
		new FacebookAuthProvider(appSettings),
		new TwitterAuthProvider(appSettings),
		new GoogleOAuth2Provider(appSettings),

Plugins.Add(new RegistrationFeature());

var repository = new OrmLiteAuthRepository(container.Resolve<IDbConnectionFactory>())
	UseDistinctRoleTables = false,



I invoke /register service to create a new user admin, I get back UserId = 1 (UserAuth table). In my case FirstName = LastName = admin.
Then I invoke /auth/facebook; I’m expecting to see a new user in UserAuth table but the last auth request overwrite data of user 1. Note that I clear all cookies in order to avoid to share the same session.

What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you

If you’re authenticating with another Auth Provider whilst you’re still Authenticated ServiceStack will add the OAuth login to the current user, otherwise it creates a new user. Please include the raw HTTP Request/Response Headers of the Request to Register a new User as well as the Request to /auth/facebook.

after invoking /register, I’ve deleted all cookies and then I’ve invoked /auth/facebook.
With this configuration I’m experimenting the same problem: the user 1 (admin) is updated.

I’m using ServiceStack 4.5.8.


Please provide a stand-alone repro of your App.