Problem with SS 5.7 in AWS Lambda; works in SS 5.6

So we are upgrading from SS 5.5 to 5.6, on our way to 5.7 (NetCore3.1)

During this process, we ran into an issue that only surfaces when running in AWS LAmbda.

Under SS 5.6, everything works as expected. We return a dto from the service, and AWS sees that result in the Body of the MarshalResponse, and successfully wraps it up in an AwsLambdaResponse.

However, under SS 5.7, the MarshalResponse gets an empty Body, thus producing a 500 coming back from AWS Lambda.

Any ideas?

No idea but AWS Lambda isn’t a platform that’s tested on so we’d have no way of knowing.

Can’t really give any recommendations except stay on v5.6 until AWS Lambda supports .NET Core 3.1 and see if the issue persists, if it does I’ll see if I can setup an environment to debug an AWS Lambda service.

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