Problems updating nuget package for servicestack

when i try to update to version 4.5.8 i get problems.

This errormessage appears

Isn’t version ServiceStack.Common released?

Unable to find a version of ‘ServiceStack.Common’ that is compatible with ‘ServiceStack 4.5.7 constraint: ServiceStack.Common (>= 4.5.7)’, ‘ServiceStack.OrmLite 4.5.8 constraint: ServiceStack.Common (>= 4.5.8)’, ‘ServiceStack.Redis 4.5.7 constraint: ServiceStack.Common (>= 4.5.7)’.

The latest released version of ServiceStack is 4.5.6 and only this version is available on nuget. Maybe you are trying to install development pre-release from MyGet (on MyGet the latest version is 4.5.7)? If you want to update to the latest released version, you should disable MyGet feed in Visual Studio.

Of course, thx!
I will disable the pre releases