Problems with refresh token

we have using JWT tokens for a while and just added so we get and refresh token as we experienced problems with some clients that their token expired.

So we get an correct refreshtoken but when we send that we get “ErrorCode” NotFOund and Message “User does not exist”.

We use the GET /access-token and send our refreshtoken there.

Can you give us any clue what we could check?

Regards Kristian

You can check the contents of the JWT and refresh tokens at

Otherwise post the full Request/Response Headers you’re using to access the Refresh Token as well as the Request/Response returning the Error Response.

I fixed the original issue by implementing the public IAuthSession GetUserSession(string userAuthId)
Now it works but the repsponse back is just empty with status 200


Shouldnt the response giving me the new Bearer Token?

The response only contains new issued Bearer & Refresh Tokens at Authentication, I.e. for Authentication requests.

Ok thx!
We found the new token in the header