Protobuf file on metadata page

There used to be a link to the protobuf file that appeared on my metadata page.

I’ve noticed that this has stopped appearing, but I can’t think what I could have changed that would cause this. I have checked my DTOs and they still have the ProtoContract and ProtoMember attributes, and the X-PROTOBUF links are still appearing.

Could you tell me what causes the link to appear so that I can check my code?


Which protobuf file? Are you referring to the link to the grpc .proto?

Yes, that’s correct. We have non-dotnet clients (Delphi, Python) that would need to utilise the proto file.

The link to the proto in the metadata page is automatically registered when you register the GrpcFeature. Does the direct link to /types/proto return it?

The line that adds the GrpcFeature had been removed :confused:

It’s working again now.


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