Pubsub - Client does not reconnect after longer outage


I’m having the issue when Redis have a longer outage. To reproduce it:

Set timeout to small value like 1 second (it also happen with default values, but you have to wait longer):
HeartbeatInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1),
HeartbeatTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1),
WaitBeforeNextRestart = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)

Drop network connection

Wait untill some heartbeats will fail

After a while restore the connection

It will stuck in the RedisPubSubServer.SendHeartbeat with status “stopping” and won’t reconnect.

Can someone provide workaround for that until is patched? Or am i doing something wrong?

Only solution that i can think off is setting my own Timer, send heartbeat and recreate whole RedisPubSubServer object, because i can’t even change a state, and while “stopping” i can’t restart/stop/start it.

Can you please open an issue for this on:

Also please include the code you’re using to reproduce the issue, so I can reproduce the issue on my end as well.