Quicker way to copy cookie when using postman

Every time I stop and start debugging I need to login again and then go to http://localhost:5000/postman?exportSession=true and manually cut and paste the values into the cookie values inside postman (as per documentation).

Is there a way to do this automatically or a simple way to make sessions last across debugging sessions so I don’t have to keep doing it so often? It becomes a real pain when making lots of small adjustments and wanting to check them as I go.

Can you Authenticate within postman? E.g. if you’re using CredentialsAuthProvider you can Authenticate with;


Thanks that works! I m using JWT but it seems to work fine.

One other question. Each time I am making a change to the endpoints I am deleting the collection in postman and then re-importing it. Is there anyway to update instead of delete then re-import?

Thanks for all the help, I am slowly but surely becoming productive with SS :smile:

You’ll have to refer to Postman docs for any of its features, from a quick search it appears to be a premium only feature:

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