Randolph Burt - 209 - Nov 6, 2014

A bit of an old query (earlier this year) however I’m revisiting it again. I quite like the way you can add a POCO as the value for a key via the redis client, however there is a problem if you set an expiry for this POCO…  
When adding a POCO to redis, servicestack will keep track of all instances of that type of POCO in a separate key/value, as well as adding the new key/value for the POCO.  This is fine, however if the POCO key/value automatically expires within redis then the ‘master’ key tracking each instance of the POCO is not updated - ie. it still contains a reference to the POCO key in its value set.  Over time this will grow.
Not sure what can be done about this, but thought I’d raise the question here to see if there is any way to overcome this - and to understand the purpose of the separate ‘master’ key/value.


just answered, you should either avoid it or periodically rebuild the indexes.