Razor page called from Fallback service

I have an older Razor .Net6 project running with ServiceStack v6.5.0
I am using the Fallback service to get to the home page and also do some redirections …
that code was working

public class Fallback
   public string Path { get; set; }

public object Any(Fallback request)
    if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(request.Path))
        // This is the home page as we have a view for it and did not place it in the root
        //return Gateway.Send(new PageDefault());
        var razor = GetPlugin<RazorFormat>();
        var view = razor.GetViewPage("default");
        if (view == null)
            throw HttpError.NotFound("Razor view not found: " + "default");

        var modelResponse = Gateway.Send(new PageDefault());

        return razor.RenderToHtmlAsync(view, modelResponse).Result;       


and we have default.cshtml in the /Views folder and a PageDefault service

public PageDefaultResponse Get(PageDefault request)

That code was working in version 6.5.0 using your new GetViewPage, trying to upgrade to 6.10.0, I am getting an error in the Fallback call

Unable to cast object of type ‘ServiceStack.Host.BasicRequest’ to type ‘ServiceStack.Web.IHttpRequest’.

Do you have an idea?


What’s the full StackTrace?

Actually looks like this commit should resolve it.

Change is available from the latest v6.10.1+ that’s now available on pre-release packages.

Excellent, it is working
Thank you for your support, that was quick :rocket:

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