Razor Page Controls and textarea validation

I am successfully using Razor Page Controls to perform validation in my application. However I have a textarea input that on submit will place the data in a value attribute of the textarea leaving the textarea empty. If I resubmit the form, it will claim the input is required, meaning nothing is getting passed to the server. How do I get the validation to place the data in the proper place for a textarea?

ServiceStack doesn’t provide any Razor Page Controls. Are you referring to using the Server UI Razor Helpers used in http://validation.web-app.io/server-razor/ ?

You would use @Html.FormTextarea() to populate and bind to a textarea.

That is correct. However if there is an error on submit, when the postback happens the textarea is empty but the data is now in the value attribute of the textarea. It doesn’t put the data between the tags.

Please always post example code of the issue so that the issue can be reproduced locally.