Recommended way of getting the current host?

I am in a collaborator dependency way down the call stack in one of my services, and for integration purposes, I need to build an absolute URL of a specific service operation/DTO in my services.

(Its the side effect of Plivio integration, where they need me to send the absolute URL of one of my endpoints that they can callback to later - its a PITA).

My question is, is there something elegant I can inject into my dependency/collaborator that gives me what I need to construct an absolute URL? given I already have the DTO containing the relative route/URL I need?

Ideally, the thing I inject would somehow give me a value like (of my running server) then I can just append to that the relative path of the DTO that defines the absolute URL.

Have a look at ?debug=requestinfo in DebugMode for different properties available on IRequest at runtime, here’s an example:

The AbsoluteUri requires access to the current IRequest which is only available within the context of a Request at runtime. To create a URL you basically just combine the BaseUrl with the Request DTO, e.g:

var absoluteUrl = base.Request.GetBaseUrl().CombineWith(requestDto.ToGetUrl());

But the preferred API is to use IRequest.ResolveAbsoluteUrl() as it also allows customization by overriding ResolveAbsoluteUrl() in your AppHost if needed. So you can resolve an AbsoluteUrl with:

var absoluteUrl = base.Request.ResolveAbsoluteUrl(requestDto.ToGetUrl());

Thanks, I remember the tricky part being how to inject the IRequest into any dependency at runtime, given that ‘IRequiresRequest’ derived dependencies are not satisfied automatically on each request?

I don’t really want to pass the IRequest down the stack to each collaborator either.

No you would need to pass the Request context. If you’re using .NET Core you can register IHttpContextAccessor and get the current Request with HostContext.GetCurrentRequest(), see: