Redirect from StripeCheckout no longer using existing session

Net core 5, latest SS bits, Jetbrains Rider on the Mac. I store the session in the db.

Here are the order of operations:

  1. User registers new account with Autologin set to true
  2. User is redirected client side to Stripe Checkout
  3. Stripe Checkout redirects to success url decorated with Authenticate attribute
  4. User has to login again to few page

If I view Network tab, I can see the Session id change when it is redirected.

Things I have tried:

Using the SSL version only of localhost
Set UseSameSiteCookies to false
Set UseSecureCookies to false

My intention is for the user to be redirected and maintain their previous session so it is a seamless experience.

Vague descriptions aren’t going to help when trying to diagnose any HTTP issues, you’d need to post the raw HTTP Headers so we can see what’s actually happening.

You’re saying the session cookies change? I’d start there, please post the previous Request/Response Headers before & after it changes.