Redis client-side-caching

Any update as to when this will be supported?

When what will be supported? What does this mean?

As per the thread subject. More details here.

The subject is vague & meaningless without details. As there’s currently no feature request for a caching client that uses Redis 6 BCAST/CLIENT TRACKING, it’s not being prioritized or considered.

In addition to the Redis Cache Client there’s also a Multi CacheClient which lets you register a “write through” local memory & redis-server backed caching library with:

container.Register<ICacheClient>(c => new MultiCacheClient(
    new MemoryCacheClient(),

That looks interesting, but unless i have missed something, there is no automatic mechanism for the local cache entries to be removed/updated if the redis server is updated? Our setup is distributed with multiple devices reading/writing to the cache.

Right, it’s a simple write through cache which only expires when the cache entry expires, i.e. local memory caches doesn’t get invalidated with changes made to the redis server outside of the client.