Redis Discovery doesn't work perfectly

I config Redis for service discovery in ServiceStack ASP.Net IIS web application but sometime it doesn’t work perfectly, it’s had unregistered then gateway can not find service.
I think the reason is application pool recycling or same thing like this.
Any idea here?

Can you provide more detailed information: how do you register and how you determine that the service is unregistered? If application is shut down due by IIS after some period of inactivity then you can increase this time in IIS application settings or regulary get dummy page from ASP.NET site to keep it alive.

i have just added this line:

Plugins.Add(new RedisServiceDiscoveryFeature());

And SetConfig with webHostUrl

SetConfig(new HostConfig
                HandlerFactoryPath = "api",
                DefaultContentType = MimeTypes.Json,
                AppendUtf8CharsetOnContentTypes = new HashSet<string> { MimeTypes.Csv },
                UseCamelCase = true,
                WebHostUrl = appSettings.Get("webHostUrl")

How you determine that the service is unregistered?

When i debug Gateway send request then get error like “can not detect local or external request”.
After, i reload external web application then gateway work.

RedisServiceDiscoveryFeature is not a ServiceStack feature, please raise any issues you have with it on the ServiceStack.Discovery.Redis project where you’ve got it from. When submitting issues please include all relevant context and enough info so they’re able to identify the behavior and cause of the issue so they’re able to repro it themselves, i.e. “it doesn’t work perfectly” doesn’t give any context or insight into the cause or behavior of the issue.

Ok, thank Mythz for your suggestion